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Advanced Tax Advice
Optimise your taxes!

Specialised and expert advice on tax matters

Expert tax advice to optimise your tax burden

We have extensive experience in tax advice, both nationally and internationally, and we focus on each case according to each client's sector of activity.

In terms of taxation, we carry out an exhaustive analysis of our clients' activities and operations in order to carry out optimal planning and optimise the tax burden.

Our tax department offers advice on both direct and indirect taxes, both to companies and to resident and non-resident individuals.

Recurrent Tax Advice is the key to keeping your tax affairs in order and maximising your long-term profits. Our service offers you continuous and personalised tax support, ensuring you comply with your tax obligations and providing you with strategies to optimise your tax burden. Our team of experts keeps abreast of constantly changing tax laws and regulations, allowing you to make informed decisions and stay in compliance. In addition, we will be available to answer your questions and queries in a timely and efficient manner. With Recurring Tax Advice, you will receive regular reports on your tax obligations and personalised recommendations to make the most of available tax deductions and exemptions. We will also provide you with guidance on long-term financial planning, helping you make strategic decisions that benefit your tax situation. Don't let tax issues become a burden on your business or personal finances. With our Recurring Tax Advice, you'll have the peace of mind of having a team of experts to take care of your tax affairs on an ongoing basis, allowing you to focus on what matters most: achieving your financial goals.
General taxation comprises both direct and indirect taxes, which have a significant impact on our finances at both the personal and business level. In terms of direct taxes, we refer to those levied directly on income and wealth (income tax, corporation tax and wealth tax). These taxes are calculated on the basis of the income or the value of the wealth of each taxpayer. Indirect taxes are taxes levied on consumption and commercial transactions. They include value added tax (VAT). Unlike direct taxes, indirect taxes do not depend directly on income or wealth, but are levied on consumption and transactions.
As experts in Advising and Representing you in Tax Inspection Proceedings, we are here to provide you with the necessary support and defence against any tax audit or tax inspection process. We know how stressful and complicated these procedures can be, so our aim is to ease your burden and protect your rights as a taxpayer. Our specialised team will take care of a detailed analysis of every aspect of the inspection, thoroughly reviewing the necessary documentation and records. In addition, we will provide you with comprehensive advice to adequately prepare you for the questions and requests of the tax inspectors. We will explain your rights and obligations, as well as look for any errors or inconsistencies that may arise during the process. In the event of any dispute or discrepancy with the tax authorities, we will also act as your legal representatives, defending your interests and negotiating, if necessary, to reach a fair agreement. We will be by your side at every stage of the tax audit procedure, ensuring a sound and effective strategy. Don't face inspection proceedings alone. Rely on our team of experts in Inspection Proceedings Advice and Representation to obtain the best possible outcome. We are committed to protecting your rights and ensuring that you receive fair and equitable treatment by the tax authorities.
In an increasingly globalised world, the correct management of international taxation has become essential both for companies seeking to expand internationally and for individuals making an investment in another country or simply opting for a change of scenery. Among the most important elements of International Taxation are the Double Taxation Conventions (DTC), which seek to avoid the same income being taxed in both countries of origin and residence. These treaties establish rules for allocating the power to tax certain income and provide conflict resolution mechanisms in the event of tax disputes between countries. Our team of international tax experts will advise you in the complex global tax environment. We can help you understand and comply with tax obligations in different countries, optimise your business structure to reduce the tax burden and keep your business compliant with international rules. Rely on our experience and expertise in international taxation to effectively address global tax challenges. We are committed to providing you with the best advice so that you can protect your interests and take advantage of growth opportunities in the international arena.
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