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At Resitax Spain we are committed to advising individuals and companies, in close proximity to our clients, and in their language. We speak Spanish, English, French and German. We want to make you feel that you can rely on us at all times.

We will take care of all your fiscal, tax and administrative matters in order to carry out all the necessary formalities on your behalf and thus save you time and money.



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In our news blog, we will keep you up to date on the changes and developments in our legal services practice.

Here you can find relevant information related to Immigration law, Tax law, Company and Self-employed law, Real Estate and Urban Planning law, as well as news on alternative dispute resolution and procedural aspects of litigation.


Added value


We see collaboration with other law firms as necessary to remain competitive and to create strategies that reinforce our value and positioning in the market. Our partners have an impact not only on the quality of our service to clients, allowing us to solve complex problems, but also in terms of lower fees. The alliances we have created make us strong and position us in a saturated and increasingly competitive market, both nationally and internationally.